Wondering why nothing much is happening CULTUREWISE?

Western Society is sinking on todays Titanic, it's under strain from oceans of cultural and political bullshit. As our ship sinks, over-suffed celebrities are happily partying to the sounds of hyped-up music. Greedily thinking only of money, these ego-fuelled idiots play on. Time for a mutiny don't you think?

Many years ago under similar circumstances, I formed the Sex Pistols/Clash etc and help create a Punk movement of value. Sadly it's again necessary for radical action by those who care, to demonstrate that we are not prepared to go down with this stale, stinking culturally damaged corperate-led warship.

Our current leaders are just not good enough to provide the radical change urgently needed. 
So what you gonna do? Sink with todays' Titanic....


Here’s a piece of wisdom I gained on getting older that I’d like to pass on to you.

Fundamentally most things don’t change for the better. Who’d ever thought John Coltrane’s innovative music would become the background sound to corporate bookshops and trendy posh boutiques named after past revolutionaries. Nasty radical thoughts get accommodated, marketed and undermined by those most threatened by them; the Establishment. I certainly never imagined Punk to be used for the promotion of autos, beers and mass sports products! This might sound naive and obvious to the wise but for most young people; especially the poor and ambitious, change is their driving force. Born into extreme poverty it certainly drove me forward; it was either a change of circumstance or early death. Meaning who really gives a shit if you live or die. For the population to actually care in these matters you must either be a helpless toddler, popular media celebrity or completely of the Establishment; definitely not a devout radical like me. See I’ve spent my whole life not wanting to become one of those ego-driven-publicity-seeking-puerile-arseholes; my strength being a force behind the scene inspiring others. So although my work is loved and enjoyed internationally by millions, I am ordained to die as I was born as another unknown; our true worth completely undervalued until long after we are dead. Then we can be rediscovered and once more exploited by the Establishment.

And here comes the puchline:

The human race is not as smart as it needs to be.

Particularly selfish fuckers who spend their whole lives blindly immersed in wasteful indulgences as others suffer acutely nearby.

Therefore the root content of my wisdom website will not drastically alter; a bit like the bible. Don’t worry, I don’t believe in religion. So if it doesn’t flicker*flash*fast*, following the latest glitzy graphics, it’s as real life!  Unless of course you're eternally on drugs.... Hey there’s some positive aspects to a no change environment, as to not charging towards every whim or trendy-in. Fortunately for us Elvis wasn’t fashion-forced into disco dancing on TV like Lou Reed in the 80’s, Frank Sinatra avoided doing a dub reggae album with strings, Dizzy G had his own rap and Muddy Waters died before rave arrived. Although these musical genres certainly suited folks like the Gap Band, Lee Perry etc and the everlasting all-night-clubbing-crowd.

Any new thoughts on this wobbly western condition we’re jammed in, difficult isn’t it?

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Complacency destroys the soul.